Innovative Multimedia Fundraising for the Modern Nonprofit


Empowering Change-Makers

Shelfie's innovative platform is revolutionizing nonprofit fundraising. Shelfie's innovative design allows nonprofits to fundraise in revolutionary ways designed to cater directly to the psychology of their donors. 

Shelfie's platform is interactive and game-based, allowing nonprofits to form and retain a lasting donor-base that will remain with the nonprofit year after year. 

The platform is different from anything you have ever seen or interacted with- which is why it works. 

Don't believe us? Allow us to create a game-based campaign for you entirely for free and allow Shelfie to empower your non-profit to putting its efforts where they are needed most- your impact.

Working With Shelfie


Zero Upfront Costs

Shelfie's Services are available at zero cost to the nonprofit. We will create and implement the campaign, all you have to do is connect with us.


Creative Campaigns

Our diverse staff has experience working with a large variety of nonprofits. Our campaigns are designed to cater to your existing and prospective donor base. 


Donor Engagement and Retention

Our campaigns and social platform are designed to allow the nonprofit to interact and engage with the nonprofits as much as possible. This helps with donor retention.