Empowering our Nonprofit partners to make an impact.




Impact Reports:


Shelfie is committed to making an impact, and we ensure that our nonprofit partners are also making an impact. Shelfie releases comprehensive impact reports to all nonprofits after the fundraising campaign ends. This allows us to make sure that all the funds are going exactly where they are needed most.

These impact reports vary somewhat considerably depending on the fundraiser and the organization, but the reports will include information such as- "Your donation to (organization) is being used to make education attainable for girls in India. Your donation allowed 1 girl at the center to have free school lunches for the year,  2 school uniform sets, 3 notebooks, 2 books, a book bag, a set of pencils."


Case Study: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


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Shelfie aims to create empower nonprofits by  creating challenges similar to those of the ALS Ice  Bucket Challenge. 

Below is a comprehensive look into what the ALS Foundation did to contribute to the 676% rise in  fundraising for 2014.

ALS started with a very simple premise. Get potential donors to participate in a ridiculous challenge,  donate, and then challenge other donors to to the  same. The process is outlined below: 


How Shelfie Makes An Impact:


A mobile platform that connects donors and organizations with their stakeholders. This mission would be supported with technological  infrastructure to better manage campaigns, cut expenses, and lead to a better donor experience.

The solution also needs to include creative consultancy, where an organization works with a nonprofit to help them build and control their campaign before, during and after it occurs. Nonprofits should be spending their time on their mission, and on helping stakeholders, not on fundraising. 

Shelfie is attempting to be the solution to the problem by creating the platform and subsequent donor engagement strategy outlined  below.


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Commitment to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

Shelfie is also committed to working with nonprofits that are directly working on problems listed in the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The goals are listed below.


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